David Aixala actor tv cine teatro publicidad

Besides i discovered my passion for acting as an adult, ever since I’m a child I have been connected to theater and radio thanks to my uncle Alexandre who was also an actor.

Acting is magic, an injection of adrenaline and creativity that give me the chance to put myself in the shoes of completely opposite characters to me… or not?

My trainning in EOLIA (Escola Superior d’Art Dramatic), and after a long journey working as an actor in publicity, confirms the passion of being a pure performer.

After some years in the acting world I discovered the contemporary dance, discipline that fascinates me just as or even more than acting helping me to enrich my characters becoming fully aware of my body and movement.

Currently I combine my work with yoga practice and zen meditation, life philosophy that helps me to find the balance between my professional and personal life. But without any doubt, acting is the perfect tool to let my emotions free.

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