Photography for actors and actresses

David Aixala actor tv cine teatro publicidad

Photografer: Gonzalo Sanguinetti / Costumes: Costume The Stylist Room

I would briefly like to explain to you the importance of having a good book for the actor. First of all it is imperative for you to choose a photographer who likes his work and adapts to your needs.

Let yourself be advised by a professional, there are great ones. The photoshooting can be in the studio or outdoors, it depends on what you need. Personally I prefer the studio for headshot and outdoors for fashion.

Show yourself in the book as you are, as natural as possible and in different ways, of standing, sitting, smiling, with a slight smile, serious, loose or hair up, half-length, full-length and remember that for the actor a good headshot is the indispensable.

Show yourself natural and spontaneously as much you can, never forced.

It is important that you have use different outfits, from a casual look to a classical one, neutral colors and no bright colors, although it will depend on what you need.

Use a makeup base if you think it is convenient.

Once you have the photos selected, send them to your agency in a reduced weight so that they can send them by email to the casting directors or post them on social media.

And remember, the result will be better if you are yourself and enjoy the shooting.

If you have come this far, leave your comment below, and tell me what other advise I could take in mind.