“La Crua Realitat” premiere

David Aixala actor tv cine teatro publicidad

The time has come, after lockdown, disappointment and sadness, and although we are still in this global pandemic, it’s time to enjoy: La Crua Realitat.

As we all know, COVID-19 prevention safety regulations are guaranteed, so there is no excuses to share with the characters, director and technical team, this story of encouragement, confidence and positive energy of living.

You cannot miss La Crua Realitat, at La Casa dels Contes on Thursday, October 15, 22 and 29 at 8:30pm, unless the health authorities don’t impose a new safety regulations for the wellness of all of us.

Remember to support culture in global pandemic times, it makes us escape from reality and live others encouraging stories.

Do you want to discover my performance in this play? Do not miss it and join it, then please write me a comment on this blog, I would greatly appreciate.

Performers: Rafael Valero, Elena Lam, Maria Colom, David Aixalà.

Writed and directed by: Oscar Molina.

Lighting and sound technician: Aleix Adrià.

For more information and online purchase: review and tickets.